Monday, May 15, 2006

Mubarak Hails Obasanjo’s Role in Darfur Crisis Resolution

May 15, 2006,

By Andnetwork .com

President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt has commended President Olusegun Obasanjo's role in the recently signed agreement between the Sudanese government and Sudan Liberation Movement in Abuja .

In a letter of commendation sent to Obasanjo, Mubarak, underlined the important role, that Nigeria and its leadership have played to resolve the crisis in Darfur. The message was delivered to the presidency through the Embassy of Egypt in Abuja.Mubarak said, “I wish to congratulate you on the successful conclusion of Darfur Peace Agreement in Abuja. In this occasion, I have the pleasure and honor to convey to you and Nigerian people, Egypt’s deep appreciation to all the efforts you exerted in order to help the parties reach such a historical agreement, especially your Excellency’s personal involvement and dedication at the final critical moments” .He said that the international community would continue to put the Abuja agreement into practical measures by building up confidence among all the parties concerned, and emphasized his country’s determination to contribute to the rebuilding and reconstruction efforts and its willingness to take part in the peacekeeping forces which will be stationed in the region.“Allow me to assure you of Egypt’s full commitment to a speedy restoration of peace, stability, and prosperity in Darfur”. “Egypt stands ready to allocate as much resources and capabilities as it can during the coming period, in order to turn Darfur peace agreement to a reality , and to bring peace stability back to the people of Darfur”, Mubarak added.A meeting will be held this week in New York for Darfur friends, namely Nigeria, Egypt, Democratic Republic of Congo and Libya with the five permanent member states in the UN Security Council to notify the UNSC of the agreement officially.In another development, Egypt has submitted an educational initiative for the African countries. The initiative aims at providing advanced education in Africa by offering 200 scholarships annually over a period of four years in the Egyptian universities for African youths especially from west and central Africa and the Nile basin countries.

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