Tuesday, September 19, 2006

About Brazil


Very interesting to follow the Brazilian presidential elections. Here are some of the facts and figures for you all to take a look and reflect.

In Brazil, president Lula (at this moment in New York for the UN General Meeting) faces corruption charges almost every day since he took the presidency in 2003, but the population pretends that nothing happened and many will vote following that lie.

Recently in Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea and Hungary people went to the streets (I don´t agree with the abuse in the last case) to protest not really against the government but the person that represents the government. In every case the top authority in charge was pretty much involved in some sort of mistake or corruption but, I´m sure, not even close to Lula´s involvement in pure corruption and crime.

The political scenario in Brazil (two weeks before presidential elections) is that:

- Extremely corrupt government and even more corrupt Workers´ Party (which is government)

- One weak and also corrupt (with no doubt much less than the government, but that doesn´t make them better) oposition

- Scandals coming everyday (not a joke)

- Society: in total apathy or under World Cup ache

The last point is the most important. People should at least take a look at the other candidates (all of them) and find one that doesn´t have the criminal profile that Lula has.

So Brazil is a country I would follow very close.


At 5:14 PM, Blogger betmo said...

yeah- especially since the american government wants to get cozy with brazil as an antedote to chavez's influece in south america and the carribbean- and apparently the middle east.

At 8:43 PM, Blogger GuilhermeSH said...

I agree, but the only problem is that Lula is a kind of wannabe Chavez.

He comes from a political Party that is extremely authoritarian and corrupt and that is doing everything to stay in power forever.

We had one big scandal a year ago during his presidency. He and his allies infiltrated the State with a kind of gang organization made out of Ministries and other top authorities. Could you imagine if Condi Rice would be sued because of involvment in something like that? I will just let you know that 40 people are being sued, including the former Interior Ministry. You can find out more about this scandal. It is called ´Mensalao´.

At 3:39 PM, Blogger betmo said...

g- yeah- i could believe it here. it looks like stuff here is coming to a boil too. not in any way like what you describe- but the level of corruption that is leaking out is appalling. definitely will be an interesting political year.


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